Some of our best flavors

milkchocolatecaramelMilk Chocolate/Caramel Center

milkchocolaterootbeerMilk Chocolate/Root beer/Ginger/Tajin

milkchocolatenutsMilk Chocolate with Carmel and nuts (Snickers)

milkchocolatepbMilk Chocolate Cup of Peanut Butter

milkchocolatecoconutMilk Chocolate Coconut Flakes

darkchocolatelemonganacheDark Chocolate/Lemon Cheesecake Ganache Center

darkchocolatetaijinchipotleDark Chocolate with Tajin Spiced Fava bean and Chipotle

darkchocolatebaconDark Chocolate with Bacon and Sea Salt

darkchocolateroseDark Chocolate Rose with Caramel center & Sea Salt

darkchocolatepistachioDark Chocolate Pistachio flavor Pistachio nuts

darkchocolatetruffleDark Chocolate Truffles w/Coffee/Cocoa OR Sriracha OR Balsamic

darkchocolatecaramelDark Chocolate Carmel with sea salt

darkchocolatepbDark Chocolate/Peanut Butter

darkchocolateganacheDark Chocolate/Dark Ganache

darkchocolatepeanutDark Chocolate/Peanut Center

darkchocolatemilkganacheDark Chocolate/Milk Chocolate Ganache

milkchocolatepeppermintMilk Chocolate/Peppermint Center (All Animals same flavor)


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With all of these unique flavors we can make up a sampler for you with one of 12 different chocolates/6 dark and 6 milk.

Your sampler comes with a menu so that you can custom order the next box with your favorites.

Know what you like or want to try? Great.


Create your own box of Tivoli Chocolates. From our menu determine what we put into your custom box of chocolates.

All chocolates are not always available at the time of order.

Bottom row may contain MC w/Toffee, and DC w/Peppermint, DC w/Maple Granola, or Coconut. No preservatives. No artificial ingredients. Peanuts, peanut butter, pistachio and almonds may be present. Only Bloomer chocolate used. Each item above describes contents. All items listed above may not be included but total weight of box remains the same.

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